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Sexual Assault in Canadian Sport

Curtis Fogel & Andrea Quinlan 

University of British Columbia Press, 2023 

Sexual assault by and against athletes is a pervasive and long-standing problem in Canada, but reports are commonly minimized, doubted, and dismissed by sport administrators, police, and judges. Through a detailed examination of over 300 cases appearing in news media and legal files across Canada from 1990 to 2020, Sexual Assault in Canadian Sport uncovers an enduring institutional tolerance and silencing of sexual assault in Canadian sport – and the betrayal that many victims experience by those same institutions. The book argues further that both the Canadian sport system and the criminal legal system have failed to ensure victims’ safety and often undermine sexual assault prevention and trauma-informed care. By exposing structural and cultural elements of the sporting world that facilitate sexual assault by and against athletes, Sexual Assault in Canadian Sport opens new avenues for critical dialogue about sport, law, masculinities, and gender-based violence. Crucially, it also offers constructive strategies to mobilize communities, government, activists, researchers, practitioners, and the legal system to increase safety in sport.


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